Bishop TD Jakes To Co-Produce Heaven Is For Real Story With Sony!

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Bishop TD Jakes is about to move on from Jumping The Broom into another major motion picture based off the book Heaven Is For Real!

Jumping The Broom, which is executively produced by TD Jakes, earned huge numbers at the box office, but now it’s time for the bishop to move on to something higher, as in heavenly higher.  Heaven Is For Real:A Little Boy’s Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back is a book that chronicles a young boy’s trip to heaven after he died. When the boy came back to life, he had an amazing story to tell of having met up with this deceased grandfather and even learned of and met his miscarried sister while in heaven. These things he knew nothing about at all, but all were true.

Written by Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent, the book was released in 2010 and is a story of actual events. One can only believe this is why TD Jakes wanted in on this story from the very beginning as it is a first hand account of someone having gone to heaven and lived to tell about it.  TD Jakes will be co-producing this work along with Joe Roth as a Sony production.



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