Fred Hammond Moved To Shift Music Ministry As He Is Told “No Longer Needed”!; Instrumental Album To Release Spring 2011

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There have been some abnormal tweets coming in from gospel artist Fred Hammond, and the tweets lean toward Fred Hammond possibly having a HUGE change in where he stands today musically.  Find out more inside the post where it seems that Fred Hammond has been cut off, but it’s not the end!

This Fred Hammond shocking news is developing with more information hopefully on the way, but it seems that Fred Hammond spoke to some people who he calls the “Machine” who tell him that his time is up.  Now, what this means in other terms is that the “Machine”, whoever that is, feels that Fred Hammond is of no use for them anymore, so they are sending him on his way unless he can fill a specific role that Fred possibly doesn’t want to fill.  Again, this is assumption based on Fred Hammond’s tweets.

Fred is giving departing messages via  his twitter account, giving thanks to Gospel Radio and Internet Radio etc, but didn’t state at all that he wasn’t going to make music in the ministry anymore.  As a matter of fact, as Fred tweeted, he was in the studio at that very moment.  From what it looks like, Fred Hammond’s ministry will continue, but as Fred states, there has been a big shift in his music ministry away from certain in the industry.

Ongoing tweets from Fred Hammond are:

To you my Fam I’m grateful, you have been here with me for 25 recording years, I’m with y’all and I appreciate you with all my heart. I’m a ppl person.. I smile, shake hands, hug, Dap, bc I love ppl. It’s amazing when you look out at thousands and see the Love. I can’t hear the machine say that’s it, we just need you to fill this Spot. That’s heart retching.. But GOD. Not retiring just refocusing, Not quitting just repositioning, not retreating just reloading, not closing down just taking inventory, There are those who will decide your usefulness is up when it’s far from. Just continue your Partnership with God, bc if He’s 4U,Well you know the Rest..

The last tweets in bold is what is a potential clue in to what Fred is being told.  He has been cut somewhere, but will keep it coming elsewhere. Whatever Fred Hammond is going through, let’s pray as it seems that this is upsetting to the artist who has brought us such great music.  Again, Fred isn’t going anywhere because of what he states – if God is for you!  Yeah, we know the rest!

In the meantime, Fred Hammond is preparing an instrumental album for the Spring of 2011 despite all this DRAMA.  With his fans, no matter where Fred is cut off, he can sell direct and still have a great impact.


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Debra Williams January 7, 2014 at 8:54 am

I LOVE You FRED!!! There is none like you and never will be!!! GOD has the last say in all you do…. not MAN!!! Keep your head up and let nothing stand in your way. You are a blessed man with a true purpose.

Love Always,

Debra Williams

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