Bishop Eddie Long Rep. Speaks Out Against Bishop’s Sexual Abuse Allegations & Text Messages

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Before I start, let’s make this clear – these are allegations – NOT PROVEN.  It’s serious business when there are accusations against someone who represents the kingdom of God, therefore, read as information.  On that note, Bishop Eddie Long’s rep has come forward to stomp against allegations of sexual abuse.

Since all the madness has hit the public, Bishop Eddie Long of New Birth in Atlanta has made it known through representatives that the allegations coming from the two men, Anthony Flag and Maurice Robinson, of sexual abuse from the pulpit are totally false. As a matter of fact, the two men who are accusing Bishop Eddie Long of this are reported to have text messages and email to prove their story of Long coercing them into sexual acts for money and so forth are true.

Here is a clip of an interview from CNN with Franklin as representative for Bishop Eddie Long:

Franklin: I want to be clear from our perspective. There’s been a lot of chatter since yesterday. But these complaints that have been filed against Bishop Long are definitely without merit and as we swiftly stated yesterday upon learning of the accusations, and as you said, Bishop Long categorically and adamantly denies the allegations and there’s really unfortunate that the men gone down the road, taken this course of action against someone who helped them like numerous individuals and families in tough situations.

John Roberts: Art, these two men in question Anthony flag and Maurice Robinson, looking at the complaints, very similar in the stories and allegation that is Bishop Long became spiritual and personal advisers. That they were involved in this covenant ceremony. That they traveled extensively across the country and around the world with bishop long.

And there are numerous allegations here that he engaged in sexual conduct with them and here’s one allegation here. It says, “Defendant Long  has a pattern and practice of singling out a select group of young male church members and using the authority as bishop to bring them to a point of engaging in a sexual relationship.” The allegations here, very detailed.

Franklin: And John, let’s talk about those two men making the allegations. These are plaintiffs in lawsuits who are not innocent victims. They’re men on the wrong side of the law several times before and includes charging with breaking into Bishop Long’s office in June to steal items such as jewelry and property that they could get cash, cash for so let your viewers be the judge of their actions. We can’t get into individual demands. That’s part of the legal battle.

There is more…

Franklin: They were young men part of the program at new birth and outside of that I can’t speak to a relationship they had with Bishop Long. They also were employed by the church as church employs a number of young people and others.

Chetry: When you say you can’t speak to the nature of it, what of these e-mails and text messages that seem to indicate there was, at least, you know, some significant contact?

Franklin: We are getting information from you guys in the media and responding to Kiran, we have not even seen the lawsuit ourselves so that’s something that our attorneys have to go through and they’ll look at it. They’ll respond to it in the appropriate form.

Disturbing, but this is what goes down sometimes in the lives of some of the most respected and prominent figures in the gospel. It has happened since the beginning of time, and in this case, one still must be proven guilty.  Be prayerful, saints.  Pray for the leaders of the churches at all times.  Don’t speak negatively against the Bishop as this hasn’t been proven.  Shoot, I don’t even believe this madness… SMH.  HAVE MERCY!

It’s time for an altar call, y’all!


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